Parasite Control


The myth that internal parasites cause weight loss in horses

Controlling internal parasites in horses is as important as ever, but not for the reasons you might think.


How climate change may affect how you deworm your horse

If average global temperatures continue to increase, drug resistance among internal parasites common to horses may accelerate.

Empty water troughs on a regular basis to discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs. Photo © EQUUS

Reducing Mosquito Populations

Mosquitoes can carry a number of harmful diseases. Try these techniques to reduce mosquito populations on your farm or ranch.

Botflies deposit small, yellow eggs on the legs and chest of horses. When they are licked off an ingested, the eggs hatch inside the horse.

Is My Horse Infested with Bots?

A veterinary parasitologist counsels an owner concerned that her deworming practices aren't controlling Gasterophilus intestinalis.

A person applying fly spray to a horse's legs.

Tips for making fly-spray bottles and sponges last longer

During a hot, buggy summer, sponges and fly-spray bottles get a lot of use. Here are a few tips for making these items last the entire season.

Your Horse's Natural Fly-Control Strategies promo image

Your Horse's Natural Fly-Control Strategies

Fly sprays and wraps are great, but your horse also has several innate methods of dealing with flies. Here's how you can help him get the most from his instinctive fly-control strategies.

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Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

Forcing a scared horse to submit to a sprayer only makes the situation worse. Instead, try these tips for breaking the self-perpetuating cycle of sprayer terror.

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One Hour to: Rodent Control

Consider these measures to protect your horses and property from the ravages of rats and mice.

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Make Predators and Parasites Work for You

A number of predators and parasites love to make meals of fly larvae, pupae and adults. You can boost your fly control by encouraging these animals to make a home on your farm. By Christina Keim with Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

Pest Control Without Pesticides promo image

Pest Control Without Pesticides

Fly predators are an eco-friendly options to effectively reduce fly infestations without the use of toxic substances. From the editors of EQUUS magazine.

10 Tips for protecting your horse from insects promo image

10 Tips for protecting your horse from insects

Follow these tips to protect your horses from insects and parasites and make your property less fly-friendly. By Allison Rogers for EQUUS magazine.

Insect-foiling wardrope options now include full-length face masks. | © Celia Strain

Control Flies with Pest Management Program

Repellents and insecticides pack more of a punch when used as part of an integrated pest management program. By Christina Keim with Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

Insect-borne Equine Diseases promo image

Insect-borne Equine Diseases

Practicing good fly control can minimize the threat of the many common insect borne diseases that torment horses around the world. By Melanie Wallace for EQUUS magazine.

Fly Control, a Horse Management Necessity promo image

Fly Control, a Horse Management Necessity

Though small and short-lived, summer's swarms of flying pests stir up a devil's brew of trouble for horses.

While grazing, horses can ingest mites containing tapeworm larvae. |

The Skinny on Tapeworms

Tapeworms may not be completely harmless to your horse but they are easy to control. By Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

Chestnut horse grazing in a field with a run in shed behind him.

Fly Control for Your Run-In Shed

Make your run-in shed a 'no fly zone' by using these fly control tips to protect your outdoor dwelling equines from the summer's worst offenders.

Ticks are usually found at the base of the mane or tail. |

Evicting Ticks

Removing ticks from your horse isn't as tough as it sounds.

Understand and Control Botflies promo image

Understand and Control Botflies

Bots, how they can affect your horse and how to control them. By Jayne Pedigo for

Wage War on Equine Parasites promo image

Wage War on Equine Parasites

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) offers these tips for removing parasites before they can attack your horse!

Chat Transcript: Dr. John Poe on Fly Control promo image

Chat Transcript: Dr. John Poe on Fly Control

If you missed EquiSearch's chat with Dr. John Poe, chief veterinarian at the Kentucky Horse Park, here's your chance to read the latest advice on fly control on your horse or in your barn.

Win the Battle Against Stable Flies promo image

Win the Battle Against Stable Flies

Want to win the war on flies? Try this expert advice. By L.A. Pomeroy for EquiSearch.