Parasite Control

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Make Predators and Parasites Work for You

A number of predators and parasites love to make meals of fly larvae, pupae and adults. You can boost your fly control by encouraging these animals to make a home on your farm. By Christina Keim with Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

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Pest Control Without Pesticides

Fly predators are an eco-friendly options to effectively reduce fly infestations without the use of toxic substances. From the editors of EQUUS magazine.

Protecting the face and ears from flies eliminates a major source of irritation for horses. | © MANDY LORRAINE

Tips for Fighting Flies

Practicing good fly control around the barn will make your horse happier and healthier. By Melanie Wallace for EQUUS Magazine.

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Insect-borne Equine Diseases

Practicing good fly control can minimize the threat of the many common insect borne diseases that torment horses around the world. By Melanie Wallace for EQUUS magazine.