Illnesses and Injuries

Churchill Downs spire/Getty image
HISA releases findings of Churchill Downs investigation
American Paint
Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
Veterinarian with horse
Proactive Preparedness: Common Horse Emergencies
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Type of fractures horses can sustain
Shot of an attractive young veterinarian standing with a horse and its owner on a farm
5 things to do when your horse's leg is swollen
Lingering effects of a pasture injury
6 signs that your horse's wound is infected
Evaluating your horse's wound
first aid kit illustration
5 Things to do if your horse has a laceration
first aid kit illustration
Don't do these 3 things if your horse has a laceration
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A woman riding a horse down the side of a highway
Lost and found in America
using mounting block
Ease Mounting Pressures on Your Horse
Close up of horse's eye
A test for subtle eye swelling
lost shoe
How to keep your horse from losing his shoes