A grey horse with a read bandage on his knee eating hay.

Is my horse accident-prone or something worse?

Neurological issues, soreness or lameness may be behind a horse’s frequent stumbles, trips and minor mishaps.

Exercise is vital for older horses in winter.

Why exercise is vital for older horses in winter

At any time of year—but particularly during cold weather—the less an older, arthritic horse stands around, the healthier his joints will be.


Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

The True Tales section of EQUUS illustrates, time and again, that horses are wonderful creatures who enrich our lives.


A source of endless inspiration

Many things have changed since EQUUS published its first issue in 1977, but one thing hasn’t and never will.


Keeping things in perspective

Need a break from the craziness of the world today? Check out the EQUUS Barn Stories podcast.