Horse Rescue

Pennsylvania horse owners make record gift to Foundation for the Horse 
Contribution will help at-risk horses and empower additional equine support programs
A Woman and Her Horse
Registration opens for 2023 ASPCA Right Horse Summit
Deadline is Aug. 4 for September meeting of equine welfare leaders in Kentucky
A thin horse standing in a field
Understanding horse rescue terms
Terms like “neglect,” “abuse,” “abandonment” and “stray” have precise legal definitions that can vary by state.
A chestnut horse with a sway back
5 Misunderstandings about what constitutes horse neglect or abuse
A number of the complaints made about equine rescues are based on misunderstandings.
What horse rescues do
Equine rescues are an important part of the horse industry, but do you know all that they do? Here’s a rundown of the work done by rescues to help horses.