Horse Lameness

lameness check
Horse Health Tips: Recognizing lameness
Living Without Lameness in Horses promo image
Horse Health Tips: Understanding nerve blocks
hock flexion
Horse Health Tips: Understanding flexion tests
Young girl with a horse
An often-missed factor in lameness diagnosis
Chestnut stallion
What a horse’s posture may say about his health
Dressage horse in round arenas with rope
Effects of gait when working a horse on circles
Farrier at work on horses hoof
4-point strategy for healthy hooves
Horse in the riding arena in the portraits, with young rider in motion
4 simple rules for preserving soundness
Leg lumps and bumps
Ride Along With A Veterinarian – John Janicek, DVM, MC | Lameness and Flexing
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using mounting block
Ease Mounting Pressures on Your Horse
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
A woman riding a horse down the side of a highway
Lost and found in America
How to Read Your Horse's Body Language