Horse Breeding

Przewalski's horse mare being released from transport into pen
Przewalski's horses return to central Kazakhstan
group of Kazakh eagle hunters riding horses crossing river Bayan Olgii, West Mongolia
Study: Horse domestication occurred later than previously thought
Foal and mare as seen on The Jurga Report
Swedish studbook to ban foals bred using OPU/ICSI
Gloved hands with archaeological remains of horse in laboratory setting
Tudor-era horse cemetery was likely for elite imported animals
Woman, vet and check horse health on farm, veterinary medicine and care for sick animal
Global equine health care market projected to reach $972.8 million by 2028
Wild horses in Nevada desert near Reno
Nevada model could reform federal wild horse and burro program
Trainers Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda
Horse Park hosts standout trainers Antonucci and Miranda
Justin Morgan horse engraving 1873
Livestock Conservancy removes Morgan (Traditional) from Priority List
Dark racehorse being jogged by jockey in white and cherry red silks
NYRA relocates remains of Ruffian to Claiborne Farm
New Przewalski's Horse foal at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Park welcomes another Przewalski's Horse foal
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