Horse Behavior

Rethinking housing for stallions
Keeping stallions in  “solitary confinement” causes needless stress, say Swiss researchers, who call for more humane, healthy and safe housing alternatives.
Man dealing with spooked horse/Getty image
New study targets equine 'spook' response
In the wild, horses must be alert for predators that might attack them. This means that even domesticated horses are hardwired to be aware of danger and can scare easily. AdobeStock image Unfortunately,...
Group of horses grazing in a meadow
Living conditions impact equine learning, performance
According to a news release in Science Daily, a new study shows that horses living in big enclosures and in groups of at least three are better at following directional indications from humans than horses...
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Reduce feed-time tensions
Mealtime misbehavior takes many forms, from pinned-ear squealing to incessant wall-kicking. More than just annoying, these behaviors pose management challenges and can even be dangerous! In this edition...
'Barn Stories' Ep. 61: The transformation
How much can a horse change? What about a person’s opinion of that horse? Find out in this episode of "Barn Stories."
Three signs that your horse is bored
When it comes to training, horses just wanna have fun! If you see these signs of boredom it’s time to change up your training routine.
Valerian with root
An expert’s view of calming products for horses
An animal behaviorist discusses feed supplements, pheromones and aromatherapies marketed to promote calmness in horses.
'Barn Stories' Ep. 57: Moment of truth
Keeping your horse at home? You'll want to listen to this.
'Barn Stories' Ep. 51: Sheepish
When sheep turn into horse-eating monsters, it's up to a compassionate owner to save the day.
A woman holding a horse with halter and pointing off screen
Your horse may be smarter than you think
Research suggests that horses are better able to interpret human gestures than previously thought, and some can even discern the credibility of information presented to them.A study conducted at Kyoto...
close on horse looking by top at a barrier
The genetics of hair whorls
Genetic research from Brazil may provide the first step in linking hair whorls to particular personality traits in horses.
Surgery improves mare behavior
New research suggests that removing a mare’s ovaries can have a positive effect on her behavior.