Horse Behavior

neck and neck
Do horses know when they are competing against each other?
A young female equestrian and her arab berber horsein front of a romantic sunset landscape
5 Ways to Help Your Adopted Horse Thrive Mentally
Horses free run in green field
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 78: The beauty of it all
Rethinking housing for stallions
Man dealing with spooked horse/Getty image
New study targets equine 'spook' response
Group of horses grazing in a meadow
Living conditions impact equine learning, performance
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL78 Feeding.cx_Page_01COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL78 Feeding
Reduce feed-time tensions
'Barn Stories' Ep. 61: The transformation
Three signs that your horse is bored
Valerian with root
An expert’s view of calming products for horses
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fly gear
Be smart about the sun
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
How to Read Your Horse's Body Language
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10 Most Poisonous Plants for Horses