Przewalski's horse mare being released from transport into pen
Przewalski's horses return to central Kazakhstan
group of Kazakh eagle hunters riding horses crossing river Bayan Olgii, West Mongolia
Study: Horse domestication occurred later than previously thought
Mare nuzzling foal with blanket
New foal born to endangered Indigenous horse breed
closeup shot of legs of galloping horse during a turn
Study identifies genetic component in Thoroughbred fracture risk
Texas researchers study equine reproductive abnormalities
Horses pulling a cart at sunrise
Study traces genetics of night blindness in TWH, other breeds
Justin Morgan horse engraving 1873
Livestock Conservancy removes Morgan (Traditional) from Priority List
Unveiling of new UK aged horse center with officials posed in front of the facility
University of Kentucky unveils new Aged Horse Care and Education Facility
COVER EQ Key 13 Easy Gaits El Lugar
Easy gaits
Man dealing with spooked horse/Getty image
New study targets equine 'spook' response
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Woman horseback riding in forest
How riding benefits your health
Myths About Cribbing in Horses promo image
New thinking about cribbing
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
two horses drinking
Tend to water troughs to keep your horse drinking