Quarter Horse Hengst
Three questions to ask when your horse won’t eat
Whether it’s just a few mouthfuls of feed sitting in the bottom of your horse’s bucket or a whole ration...
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Reduce feed-time tensions
Our horses love getting their feed, but unfortunately, it can bring out the worst in them. Mealtime misbehavior...
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Does your horse need senior feed?
Whether your horse is getting long in the tooth or has trouble maintaining weight, you might be considering...
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Winter care for older horses
Winter can be rough on horses! This is especially true for our beloved seniors, who are often prone to...
10 keys to equine gut health
A horse’s gastrointestinal (gut) health begins with not only what he is fed, but how and when he...
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Feeding Horses Around the World
There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to feeding horses. Horses in the same barn aisle...
Ask A Pro: ADM's Dr. Lattimer
We asked our featured equine nutritionist, Dr. James Lattimer from ADM Animal Nutrition, for his professional...
5 Reasons to Feed Your Horse a Premium Feed
Good nutrition is the foundation of horse health, but does premium feed mean premium nutrition? Here...
5 Winter feeding tips
Use these simple tips and techniques to keep your horse happy and healthy when the weather turns cold.
A woman hugging the face of an older horse
Sorting through senior horse feeds
Understanding the difference between complete and concentrated products is important to ensuring you...
When oils spoil
Heat can cause oils, such as corn oil, and even powdered fat-based calorie-boosting products to go rancid...
Feeding horses for weight gain
When your horse is too thin, whether it’s a short-term aberration or a chronic struggle, careful feeding...
Horse Feed: What's in It?
A look at some of the raw ingredients that go into the making of modern commercial feeds.