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Dr. James Lattimer, ADM’s nutrition expert

Ask A Pro: ADM's Equine Nutritionist, Dr. James Lattimer

We asked our featured equine nutritionist, Dr. James Lattimer from ADM Animal Nutrition, for his professional opinion on several key nutritional topics.


5 Reasons to Feed Your Horse a Premium Feed

Good nutrition is the foundation of horse health, but does premium feed mean premium nutrition? Here are five reasons why specially formulated premium equine feeds rise above the rest.

Horses eating hay in winter

5 Winter feeding tips

Use these simple tips and techniques to keep your horse happy and healthy when the weather turns cold.


Sorting through senior horse feeds

Understanding the difference between complete and concentrated products is important to ensuring you select the correct type for your senior horse's nutritional needs.


When oils spoil

Heat can cause oils, such as corn oil, and even powdered fat-based calorie-boosting products to go rancid within a few days.

Some horses seem naturally more prone to weight loss; a “hard keeper” may have a metabolism that requires more than the usual amount of calories for maintenance.

Feeding horses for weight gain

When your horse is too thin, whether it’s a short-term aberration or a chronic struggle, careful feeding can keep his weight up.

Horse Feed: What's in It?

A look at some of the raw ingredients that go into the making of modern commercial feeds.