Equine Lameness


Leg lumps and bumps

Do you know which leg blemishes are benign and which are likely to lead to lameness?


Why Some Horses Have "Sticky" Stifles

The ability to “lock” the stifle joint in place allows a horse to snooze while standing with minimal muscular exertion but sometime the structure won’t readily unlock, which presents a problem.


New ways to aid healing of horse stifle injuries

Diagnosis and treatment of injuries in this complex joint of the horse have never been easier, thanks to advances in research and technology.


Behaviors that indicate lameness

Equine lameness can be difficult to detect, but a study from England confirms the reliability of a relatively new tool for identifying subtle signs of musculoskeletal pain in horse:


Ride Along With A Veterinarian – John Janicek, DVM, MC | Lameness and Flexing

John Janicek, DVM, MS of Brazos Valley Equine Hospital demonstrates flexion tests.