Equine Influenza

Horse looking out of stall

Facility in Pierce County, Washington under quarantine due to equine influenza

This is the eighth facility in the state to quarantine due to the virus in two months.

A horse racing around a a barrel

Farm in Washington State quarantined due to equine influenza

Vaccination and biosecurity measures can help protect horses who travel as well as those they may infect when they return home.

Strangles can be passed from horse to horse by direct contact.

Two Washington State farms quarantined due to equine influenza virus

The highly contagious viral disease is spread via airborne droplets exhaled by infected horses or contact with contaminated surfaces.

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Your 4-point horse vaccination refresher

Take some time to revisit the ins and outs of equine immunity and determine whether your vaccination routine is still providing the best possible protection for your horse. .