Young horses put into fast work before their bones are properly conditioned are at risk for splints.

Why horses develop splints

Conformation and training schedules can contribute to this common inflammatory condition affecting the horse's cannon bone.


Get your horse back into shape

Although your conditioning program will need to be customized based on your horse's specific needs, you can start with this basic framework for bringing back a healthy, young horse who was previously fit.

Signs of PSSM are often seen after a horse returns to work following a lay up period.

Socializing speeds recovery for horses after hard work

To help your horse bounce back from exertion, turn him out with his buddies rather than putting him in a stall.


Aqua treadmills speed conditioning in horses

Exercising while immersed in water can not only help a horse speed recovery from illness or injury but can aid in restoring strength and stamina.

A chestnut horse with a rider mounted, looking unhappy with his ears pinned back.

Unfit or Unwell?

Here are some tips to help you differentiate between a horse that needs conditioning and one that needs medical attention.

Stick to a slower pace in cold temperatures to avoid stressing your horse's airway tissues. Photo © EQUUS

Cold Weather Workouts

Avoid stressing your horse's lungs this winter by saving tough rides for milder days.

Increase your horse's strength with exercise promo image

Increase your horse's strength with exercise

Any horse can benefit from a simple strength-training routine. Here's how to safely build your horse's muscle power.

An Easy Equine Fitness Plan promo image

An Easy Equine Fitness Plan

An equine veterinarian helps a reader with divided time develop a schedule to exercise her out of shape horses.

Head & Neck Carriage: Fashion Versus Function promo image

Head & Neck Carriage: Fashion Versus Function

When it comes to a horse's head and neck carriage, fashion can be torture. Function is therapy. And forget the word "frame."

Four riders on a trail ride in the woods.

Get Your Horse Ready for Long Summer Rides

Founding EQUUS Medical Editor Mathew Mackay-Smith, DVM, addresses a reader's concerns about equine conditioning in preparation for long summer trail rides.