Grazing horses. Cover for EQ Extra 84, Digestive Challenges
Digestive challenges
How 'gut-friendly' is your feeding program? Take our equine digestion quiz to find out!
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Colic: Improving your horse's chances
Call your veterinarian at the first signs of abdominal pain— but as you wait, take steps to keep your horse comfortable and prevent his condition from getting worse.
Three Thoroughbred Horses in a Pasture
Digestive Challenges Bonus Quiz
<p><strong><span style="font-size: 16px">1. In which season is a horse most likely to develop gas colic?</span></strong></p> spring summer autumn winter <p><strong><span...
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Horse Health Tips: Understanding colic
Colic is one disorder every horse owner should take the time to learn about. Tune in to the third video in our series, brought to you by Zoetis, for more information.
Do weather conditions affect the risk of colic?
Veterinarians and horse owners continue to discuss the connection between season, air quality and weather and the risk of colic.
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Proactive Preparedness: Common Horse Emergencies
You love your horse more than anything and want to do what’s right to help them live a healthy, happy life. But horses are accident-prone, and not even bubble wrap can prevent all emergencies. Recognizing...
The lingering effects of antibiotics on digestion
Research confirms that some antibiotics destroy beneficial organisms in the equine gut, interfering with digestion and increasing colic risk.
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4 things to do when your horse has colic
Take steps to keep things from getting worse Most colicky horses will not eat or drink, but as a precaution, remove all food and water from the stall. Any intake could worsen an impaction or blockage. Determine...
'Barn Stories' Ep. 58: The next step
The long, quiet hours waiting for a colic to resolve can provide an opportunity for thoughtful reflection. In this episode of “Barn Stories,” an owner uses that time to truly appreciate the...
Equine veterinary
A better way to predict colic outcomes
Making a treatment decision for a horse in the throes of colic can be difficult. Will surgery save his life or simply prolong his pain? To help clinicians make more accurate prognoses— and, specifically,...
Grey Horse
Colic: an emergency for horse owners & research priority for Morris Animal Foundation
Surveys of horse owners and equine veterinarians conducted by Morris Animal Foundation and the American Association of Equine Practitioners show colic (abdominal pain due to any cause) is what those who...
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' Podcast Episode 4: Equine Colic
In this episode of EQUUS "Farm Calls," learn about the types and causes of equine colic, as well as management to promote gut health.