horse with abdominal pain
Horse Health Tips: Understanding colic
One of the most common disorders in horses can also be one of the most excruciating–and the most...
Do weather conditions affect the risk of colic?
Question: I’ve owned horses for decades and I’ve noticed something interesting about colic incidence....
Veterinarian with horse
Proactive Preparedness: Common Horse Emergencies
You love your horse more than anything and want to do what’s right to help them live a healthy, happy...
The lingering effects of antibiotics on digestion
Antibiotics can disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms in a horse’s gut for as long as a month,...
horse lying and sleeping in stable
4 things to do when your horse has colic
Take steps to keep things from getting worse Most colicky horses will not eat or drink, but as a precaution,...
'Barn Stories' Ep. 58: The next step
The long, quiet hours waiting for a colic to resolve can provide an opportunity for thoughtful reflection....
Equine veterinary
A better way to predict colic outcomes
Making a treatment decision for a horse in the throes of colic can be difficult. Will surgery save his...
Grey Horse
Colic: an emergency for horse owners & research priority for Morris Animal Foundation
If you were to ask a horse owner or veterinarian their greatest equine health concern, the answer might...
Vet listening to gut sounds iStock
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' Podcast Episode 4: Equine Colic
Learn about the types and causes of equine colic, as well as management to promote gut health. iStock In...
Help Your Horse Survive Colic
C-o-l-i-c. Five letters no horse owner wants to encounter. And with good reason—according to the American...
When your horse colics in winter
Impactions are the most common cause of cold-weather colics but horses can develop any type of digestive...
Lipoma: A disease of old age in horses
Strangulating lipoma is of growing importance in the equine population as the number of aging horses...
EQUUS Extra gastric health
Could your horse have ulcers?
A horse’s digestive system functions best when he’s allowed to graze forage nearly 24/7, but that’s not...
Prevent colic this winter
The risk of impaction colic increases dramatically for all horses in the winter, but there are things...
What every horse needs after colic surgery
Post-op physical therapy helps horses recovering from colic return to work more quickly and perform better.
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