Getty photo of mare and foal used to plug Horse Health Tips video on predicting foaling
Horse Health Tips: Predicting foaling
You’ve done all you can to ensure your mare’s pregnancy is healthy, and now her due date...
Image of second clones Przewalksi's Horse foal (c) by Jaimie Wells
Second cloned Przewalski’s horse offers hope for species conservation
Scientists are hailing the birth of the world’s second cloned Przewalski’s horse as evidence that cloning...
Foal and mare as seen on The Jurga Report
Horse Health Tips: Predicting a mare's cycle
If you’re hankering after a foal next year, good mare management is where it all starts. In this...
Lovely couple - mare with its foal - running together
Early tent caterpillar hatch prompts reminders about MRLS
Eastern tent caterpillars (ETCs) have begun to hatch ahead of schedule in Kentucky, according to...
King Charles receives new horse from RCMP
A gift fit for a king: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recently presented “Noble,”...
Horses in Spring Buttercup Field, Mare with Her Young Foal
Temple Grandin teams with Australian expert on landmark equine study
A world-first equine study spearheaded by University of New England (Australia) Professor of Animal Behavior Paul...
and-genome-editing-vector-id1189916097 (1)
First use of CRISPR in horse embryo
Researchers have "edited" the genes in an equine embryo, raising the possibility of producing horses...
Equine Reproduction Service updates facilities at University of California, Davis
The new space will accommodate routine and advanced equine reproductive care.
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EQUUS Pop Quiz: Know your ponies
What do you really know about ponies? Here's a short EQUUS pop quiz to test your smarts on the little...
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Getting Ready for a Foal
With a little preparation, you can increase the chances that your newest herd member will arrive without...
Breeding Stats: How Fertile are Horses? promo image
The science of horse breeding
When it comes to modern horse breeding, have technological advancements helped or hurt?
A mare in a stall with a newborn foal
A mare's age may influence the gender of her offspring
Research suggests a correlation between a mare’s age and the gender of her offspring.
Raising an Orphan Foal
When a foal loses his dam, he'll need help to grow both physically and mentally. Here's how to meet those...
Understand Normal Mare and Foal Behavior promo image
Understand Normal Mare and Foal Behavior
Understanding normal mare and foal behavior will help you identify health and management problems before...
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