Horse blankets and hair growth
Researchers found that blanketing has little or no effect on horse hair growth over time.
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Winter care for older horses
10 tips for keeping senior horses healthy even on the coldest days
Autumn horse care
8 ways to meet the season’s challenges
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Winter Blankets: You've got questions, we've got answers
Winter is here and it's time to blanket those horses. When to blanket, what weight of blanket, etc. You have questions and we have answers!
A horse wearing a purple blanket
September | Blankets, Body Condition, Cushing's
· Three things to do for your horse in September: • Make sure your horse’s winter blankets fit and are in good repair • Monitor your senior horse’s body condition score and adjust their feed...
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February | Blanketing, Snow-Packed Hooves, Hydration
· [upbeat intro music] Laurie: Welcome to EQUUS magazine’s 3 Things podcast, where we take a quick look at three horsekeeping tasks that are important to do in the month ahead. I’m EQUUS, editor,...
A horse wearing a purple blanket
5 questions to ask about your horse's blanket
Even a high-quality winter blanket can cause injury if it doesn't fit well or isn't adjusted properly. Answer these questions to reduce your horse's risk of blanket-related problems
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5 tips for better blanketing
Your horse will appreciate your following this advice when selecting and using his blankets this winter
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Turnout Technology
Five important features to consider when shopping for weatherproof equine outerwear. Cold weather is upon us and your first instinct might be to bundle your horse up like a child—in so many layers that...