Cover of EQUUS Key 11 on Soundness
Soundness strategies that work
Joints, muscles and hooves: They all take a pounding, whether your horse is circling barrels, jumping courses or ambling down trails. And that can lead to discomfort and injury if not carefully managed!...
Get ready for spring!
Are you and your horse ready for this busy season? The 5-point checklist in this edition of EQUUS Extra can help. From preventive care for your horse to reviewing the readiness of your gear and trailer,...
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Get a jump on joint issues!
Tips to preserve joint health and manage equine arthritis
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7 ways to preserve joint health
Reduce your horse’s risk of joint problems.
Detail shot of a Show Jumper horse in Mid Flight
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 13: Equine arthritis
Veterinarian Kyla Ortved discusses the diagnosis and successful treatment of equine joint degeneration.
EQUUS ‘Farm Calls’ episode 12: Equine acupuncture
According to Dr. Ann-Marie Aumann, acupuncture has many uses for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic conditions in horses.
PEA-um shows promise for horse joint treatment
A small-scale preliminary study suggests that a natural fatty acid compound called palmitoylethanolamide (PEA-um) can help ease pain associated with joint disease in horses.
Three things to do for your arthritic horse this winter
Just as your own joints may ache more in the winter, older, arthritic horses feel the cold more than their younger herdmates. But you can help keep them comfortable.
3 ways to help your arthritic horse get ready for winter
Fall is the time make a plan to help your horse cope with the challenges of the coming cold weather.
A person feeling a horse's fetlock
How to cope with ringbone
Medication, specialized farriery care and/or surgery help many horses with this type of arthritis remain sound and healthy for years.