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Your equine nutrition questions — asked and answered! The Ask an Expert Nutrition Series brought to you by Sentinel helps you learn about important equine nutrition topics from trusted equine health professionals. Plus, you can submit your equine nutrition questions to the experts using the form below.

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An Appaloosa and a roan pony graze with tails touching like bookeneds
Your Senior Horse: Essential Feeding Tips
As horses age, their nutritional needs change, requiring special care and attention. Learn how to ensure...
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Why are starch and sugar a potential problem for horses, and can extruded feed help?
Carbohydrates can cause problems for some horses, including digestive ills that might lead to colic or...
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Amazing young sport horse eating muesli from blue pail
How To Fix 5 Common Feeding Problems
Too fat? Too thin? Too picky? Too eager? Whatever your horse’s issue, finding the solution starts with...
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Increasing Your Horse’s Whole Body Wellness with Extruded Feed
Creating an optimal feeding program is about more than fulfilling the basic nutritional requirements;...
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Bay horse grazing
What's your equine feed IQ?
Take our 6-question quiz to see how savvy you are about extrusion, amino acids, gut health, insulin resistance...
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chestnut coloured horse eating in an individual feeding trough in the field. sunny morning
How Does Extruded Feed Support A Healthy Gut?
Because extruded feed nuggets are larger and more porous, they encourage horses to chew feed longer which...
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Portrait of a young man with horse
Exploring the Secret to Equine Wellness: The Essential Role of Low-Starch, Low-Sugar Diets
Having shared the 101 of low starch, low sugar feeds, Jeanne van der Veen, equine nutritionist for Sentinel...
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Explore the Benefits of Low Starch and Sugar Feeds for Your Horse's Nutrition: A Expert Guide to Enhancing Your Equine Feeding Routine!
The What, Who, Why and When of feeding Lower Starch, Lower Sugar, Lower Non-Structural Carbohydrates...
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bay horse eating sentinel feed out of black tub
Sentinel® Ask a Pro: Jeanne
Learn more about extruded feeds and how the horse's digestive process works from Sentinel Equine Nutritionist,...
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Sentinel® Ask A Pro: Randy
Randy Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition and member of the Sentinel® Nutrition Team answers...
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Get to Know Our Experts

We’d like to introduce you to our equine nutrition team members, who lead our efforts for innovative equine products. They understand the importance of your horse’s health and well-being, and are committed to providing the most innovative nutrition for your horse.
Dr. Randel (Randy) Raub
PhD, Director, Research and Nutrition
Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, started with Kent Nutrition Group in 2020 as Director, Research and Nutrition and he leads the nutrition team including the Kent Research Farm. Dr. Raub’s career has focused on animal nutrition, equine in particular, and brings extensive knowledge in product development, technical support, and industry relations. Along with his own equine consulting firm, he has worked in leadership roles for both Purina and Hubbard/AllTech. Prior to his industry positions, Dr. Raub also served as an animal science professor at Kansas State University with an equine teaching and research appointment.
Jeanne van der Veen
PhD, Director, Research and Nutrition
A native of Columbia, Maryland, Jeanne van der Veen received her Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Virginia Tech and her Master of Science degree in animal nutrition from the University of Kentucky. She joined Kent in 1988 as a ruminant, equine, and formulation nutritionist. Over the years, Jeanne has held multiple positions within the nutrition department, spending time in both Muscatine, Iowa and Londonderry, New Hampshire. Jeanne currently serves as the Equine and Specialty Nutritionist for the Kent Nutrition Group.
Kristyn Sturken
Equine Product Manager
A native of Connecticut, Kristyn received her Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from the University of Connecticut. She joined Kent Nutrition Group in 1995 as a Territory Sales Manager and worked with retail dealers and animal owners in northeast Pennsylvania, New York, and southern New England. She then transitioned to join the marketing and product development department as a Product Manager of various species and product lines with a major focus on equine products, which is her absolute passion.

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