Injuries and First Aid

portrait  of a race horse on the racetrack
Can you see pain in a horse’s face?
A group of men riding on the backs of horses created with Genera
A blood test for breakdown risk?
Bleeding wound on horse's leg
Large laceration: First steps
horse extending head and neck with mouth slightly open
Choke: The right steps to take
SilverHoney_Shampoo_UGC_Bambi (2)
Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance
Health-Watch-EDCC-black (1)
Vesicular stomatitis in four California horses
American Paint
Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
Rider hosing down a horses legs
What's the latest thinking about cold hosing? 
Horse Drinking
7 ways to help a horse with heat exhaustion
Brown horse portrait outside in autumn
3 Things to do for a horse with choke
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Tidy Up Your Barn for Summer
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases
Pretty Grey Pony
Is melanoma inevitable for gray horses? 
Bay horse eating grass
10 Most Poisonous Plants for Horses


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