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We offer collection of articles about horse property management ranging from pasture maintenance, fencing, arena footing and barn construction to fly control, manure management and watering systems.

horse waiting in her stable
Fly spray myths debunked
Here’s the scoop on four common misconceptions about one of the biggest challenges of summer horsekeeping—keeping...
Beware arena dust
A study from Germany underscores the potential dangers that bacteria-laden arena dust pose to horses...
horse barn with a beautiful blue sky-scaled
Equine coronavirus risk factors identified
A large outbreak of equine coronavirus (ECoV) on a North Carolina horse farm provided valuable information...
What does equine welfare really mean?
A survey of Canadian horse owners about equine housing practices reveals a disconnect between perceptions...

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Agricultural lime is sometimes used to neutralize odors but is is potentially harmful to the lungs?
Horse blankets and hair growth
Researchers found that blanketing has little or no effect on equine hair growth over time.
Burning Wildfire at Sunset-scaled
Wildfire on the mountain
An ordinary trail ride ends in a harrowing escape as a spreading wildfire cuts off the route home.
Surviving a wildfire: Thankful, Grateful, Blessed
After wildfires nearly claim their ranch, an Oregon family focuses not on what they have lost but on all that they still have.

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