Growing up, Hannah was always around agriculture and the western lifestyle. Her biggest regret, even now, has been not rodeoing herself or being involved in a more ‘hands-on’ way. However, through that, she’s found exactly where she belongs. She has found herself sharing the unique and moving stories of all those directly involved every day, and she gets to travel to events, meet some truly amazing people and share with the world why we shouldn’t, and simply can’t, let this lifestyle die out. For Hannah there is something so fulfilling about preserving and promoting our western heritage on a daily basis; and she hopes to continue sharing her love for this way of life with others for years to come!

Hannah works full-time for the North Texas Fair & Rodeo in Denton, Texas, and she writes and creates content for various western publications and brands within the industry, including Cowboy Lifestyle Network, The Arena Press, Cutting Horse Chatter, Quarter Horse News, Western Horseman and Cavender’s.

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