Rest in Peace: US Olympic Star Dressage Star Mythilus

The United States Equestrian Federation reported this afternoon that former Olympic mount and dressage horse Harmony’s Mythilus was humanely euthanized early this morning as a result of complications discovered during a colic surgery conducted late last night.

The 15-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding was the former partner of Olympian Courtney King-Dye. In June 2008, King-Dye and Mythilus finished in third place at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Dressage Trials, securing the pair’s trip to compete in Hong Kong.

“He began to colic yesterday afternoon, and he was taken to Fairfield Equine,” said King-Dye. “It was clear that surgery was inevitable. Dr. Rick Mitchell and his staff did everything they could. I feel blessed to have had Myth in my life. We went through many struggles and heartbreaks as well as many pinnacles and joyous times.”

Courtney has written much more about her relationship with Mythilus on her website.

“I consider this a personal loss, when you travel with a horse and become personally acquainted with them you get attached. This is a huge loss not to have him available for the U.S. dressage team,” said Dr. Rick Mitchell, who was also USET team vet in Hong Kong during the Olympics.

“This was a serious colic. After observation and a rapid transport to the clinic, we discovered it was an inoperable abnormality. I want to assure people that because of the quick response to his colic, Mythilus did not suffer unduly.”

Mythilus was owned by John and Leslie Malone and will be buried at Bel Aire Farm in Millbrook, New York.




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