Horse Health on the Web: NC State Vet School’s Equine Opthamology Site

This photo from the NCSU equine opthamology web site shows the typical appearance of glaucoma. Many eye problems are clearly illustrated on the web site.

Many people ask me if I spend my entire life surfing the web looking for news stories. The answer: I wish that was the case! Luckily for me, I have a network of contacts all over the world who funnel news stories to me. But I do admit to keeping a list of sites that I check every once in a while to see what late and great information may have been added. I am always happy to share resources with readers.

Vet school sites are always worth checking, but many are geared toward prospective students or internal use rather than outreach education. An encouraging trend has been for veterinary “centers of excellence” to develop and host web sites on specific topics. Two of the very best are Dr. Chris Pollitt’s site from the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit at the University of Queensland and Dr. Hilary Clayton’s McPhail Equine Performance Center site on equine biomechanics.

The list is growing! Add to the list the in-depth site on equine opthamology from North Carolina State’s vet school.

According to the site, the Equine Ophthalmology Program at NC State University is the only program in the world devoted to the research and treatment of equine ocular disease. The clinical service there accepts referral patients from the entire east coast.

NC State is considered an international leader in the field of equine ophthalmology; while I hope you never need the information on specialist sites like these, it’s good to have them bookmarked in your browser to share with a friend or just to enrich your own knowledge of horse health.

Do you have a favorite horse health education reference site? If so, click on the “comments” button below and share the URL with other readers of The Jurga Report (and me)! Thanks!




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