Equine Disease “Outbreak Alert” Text and Email Warning System Launched for Horse Owners by Merial

Beginning today, June 1, horse owners and veterinarians in the United States can sign up to join an automated Internet-based program that will issue text or email alerts when equine disease outbreaks occur.


Via Merial’s “Outbreak Alert” web site, www.outbreak-alert.com, horse owners can sign up for free alerts. According to Merial, when a disease report occurs, those who have signed up for the notification and live within a 250-mile radius of where the report occurred will receive a text and/or e-mail message to alert them of the potential disease threat.

Owners who travel with their horses and want to stay abreast of disease threats in other parts of the country will be able to enter multiple ZIP codes in the site’s search field. These owners will then be able to receive alerts for all areas they have selected. Owners are also encouraged to share details of the Outbreak Alert program with other horse owners through e-mail, text, Twitter and Facebook.

Also through outbreak-alert.com, Merial will offer consumer-focused information about equine diseases, their transmission, signs to look for and disease prevention, including the importance of vaccination.

Veterinary practices interested in learning more about the Outbreak Alert program should call their Merial sales representative and visit www.outbreak-alert.com.

(Information supplied by Merial, a leading manufacturer of equine vaccines and dewormers)




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