Don’t Miss Stacy Westfall on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Amidst all the jokes, viruses, and medical mythology circulating through our emails in the past few months, a few treasures stand out. In particular, the musical kur performance of Denmark’s Andreas Helgstrand’s Blue Hors Matine‘s freestyle dressage performance at the World Equestrian Games in August 2006 and, two months later, the amazing bareback-and-unbridled reining freestyle at the ’06 Quarter Horse Congress by natural horsewoman extraordinaire, Stacy Westfall riding Whizard’s Baby Doll, also known as “Roxy”.

Thanks to that widely emailed YouTube video clip, Westfall has been invited to demonstrate her amazing art of horsemanship to a worldwide television audience on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

One of those emails happened to land in the inbox of talk show host/comedienne Ellen Degeneres. Producers from the show contacted Stacy and then aired that video clip of the Congress bareback-bridleless routine during Ellen’s February 28th show. The clip linked to this blog post is from that show, but Stacy’s on to bigger and better things, just two weeks later.

Stacy and Whizards Baby Doll will now appear on the Ellen Degeneres show in person!

A video crew from the Degeneres show will videotape a demonstration ride tomorrow at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center at Griffith Park in Burbank, outside Los Angeles. The actual show featuring Stacy and Whizards Baby Doll will be taped on Thursday, March 13 for airing on Friday, March 14.Check the map online to find out air times for the “The Ellen Degeneres Show” in your area.

For more information about Stacy Westfall, visit her website.

Click here to download the video for your iPhone or iPod. The video is available in three different bandwidths on the website.

Thanks to Kathy Damrill of the National Reining Horse Association for spreading the word about this. For more information on the NRHA, or the sport of Reining, please or call 405-946-7400.




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