Atari Game Puts Players in the Saddle...and They Have to Care for Their Horses, Too

There may not be an X-Box in my tack trunk…but their could be a tack trunk (and a mounting block and a lot of oxers, liverpools and cavaletti) on a lot of X-Boxes this Christmas.

Atari is planning to launch its new “My Horse and Me” game package in the USA on November 23; it is already available in other countries, and has been endorsed by the FEI.

Two weeks ago, Atari helped sponsor England’s Horse of the Year Show to launch it there and it went on sale today in Australia, I believe, so that horse people will have something to do while they wait for the Flu Thing to be over so shows can start again in the affected states.

Information about the technical content of the game is scant and it is not clear if the game has individualized content for the different countries. I love the graphic at the top of this post, for instance…not too many arenas like that around here, although who among us hasn’t dreamed of riding our horse in the indoor school at France’s Palace of Versailles?

In addition to jumping technical courses, gamers will have to care for their horses.

I have to try this…But the first thing I would do is put a helmet on my game rider…hopefully the game encourages safety, too.

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