Animal Transport Association Conference in San Diego This Month

The 33rd International Conference of the Animal Transport Association (AATA) will be held at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa in San Diego, California from April 22-25.

The title of this year’s meeting is “Protecting our industry: The Impact of Regulations, Disease and Extremism on the Welfare of Animals in Transport.”

According to the AATA’s conference invitation, the major sources for concern for business owners dedicated to the safe and humane transportation of animals are expanding governmental regulations, the control of the spread of disease by animals and a newer and more dangerous form of “animal extremism.”

The 2007 Conference Committee has invited several speakers and presenters from various governments around the world, and attendees are certain to get the latest updates on governmental regulations in the U.S. and abroad, especially as it relates to the ever-changing subject of security. Additionally, university professors from around the world will speak on the impacts of disease and stress on animal transportation around the world, including an invited speaker on Bird Flu and its impact on world trade.

Another major topic of this conference will be the impact of various animal extremists groups around the world. With political climates changing in the countries where animal transporters live and trade, there’s no doubt that they will be affected by extremist efforts. While the AATA mission is to improve animal welfare while in transport, there are extremists in the world who would prefer to see AATA members out of business. The conference will examine these groups, their topics and ways to promote safer and more humane transport for animals.

The conference will also offer five training seminars, each one hour long and then repeated during the second hour so attendees may attend two seminars. Topics include “Innovations in Livestock Transport,” “New Advances in Tranquilization or Sedation Products” and a special equine-related training seminar, details of which have not been announced.

Dr. Ted Friend of Texas A&M University will review recent research in equine transport and Kendra Kewkow of Anheuser Busch will speak on “Planning Ahead: First Class Travel for Anheuser Busch’s Clydesdale Horses.” Dr. Tomas Gimenez will speak on “Response to Equine Transport Emergencies.”In addition to the topics presented during the conference program, the Tuesday afternoon agenda includes behind-the-scene tours at SeaWorld San Diego.

Registration forms, schedules are full details are available at

Blogger’s note: When this meeting was held in Boston, it was excellent, and included a “live” session on the tarmac at Logan Airport! It is designed for employees of airlines and livestock transport services, but has a great deal of educational value to anyone involved in the import/export aspects of horse dealing, health and handling.




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