Advisory: Veterinary Inspections at Florida Dressage Competition

Following Federation Equestrian International (FEI) directions, veterinarians in Florida have begun partial enforcement of a long standing FEI rule requiring veterinary inspection for horses arriving to compete at Concours de Dressage International (“CDI”) events. CDI is the elite international level of dressage competitions.

The first enforcement of the rule in the United States is being applied this week at the Zada Enterprises CDI at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida.

Ken Braddick of Equestrian Sports Productions LLC (ESP), hosts of the CDI, provided the advisory to the dressage community.

David Distler, the senior FEI official in the U.S., said that the rule for veterinary inspections was long standing but had never been enforced in the United States. It is, however, standard procedure at CDI competitions throughout Europe.

“The FEI decided last year that it would begin enforcing the rule in the United States in 2008,” Distler said.

He continued: “It was decided that veterinarians would take the temperatures of the horses when they arrived at the FEI stabling for the CDI but to forego the rest of the examination that is in the rules and is applied in Europe.”TheZada Enterprises – WEF Dressage Classic CDI-3*/ CDIY / CDIJ begins tomorrow, March 20 and continues through March 23 at the North Show Grounds at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.




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