ABC’s “Nightline” Features Veterinary Stem Cell Applications by Vet Stem Tonight

Southern California’s Vet Stem corporation will be the star of the show tonight on ABC News’ Nightline news program, which will air a special segment on stem cell treatments for joint disease and arthritis in dogs.

While the show focuses on dogs, Vet Stem claims to have been involved in the treatment of more than 2000 cases of lameness in horses. Suspensory ligament injuries are the highest success rate for Vet Stem treatment, according to the equine portion of their web site.

The web site, by the way, has case studies of 20 or so different horses. You can download the documents as PDF files from this page.

On the news page, there is also a video about the sprinter Greg’s Gold at California’s Del Mar racetrack who was treated with Vet Stem technology, which consists of “harvesting” stem cells from fat deposits near the horse’s tail head, culturing them so they multiply, and injecting them at the injury site. (That is a massive over-simplification!)

On the east coast, Nightline airs at 11:30 p.m.




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