Laurel Scott

Shot of an attractive young veterinarian standing with a horse and its owner on a farm
4 Things Horse Vets Want You to Know
Equine veterinarians are adapting to changing times. Here’s what that means for you and your horse.
Justin Morgan horse engraving 1873
Equine Affaire Massachusetts: Daytrip to another century
While in West Springfield, Massachusetts for Equine Affaire, check out the Josiah Day house. There’s even a horse connection!
How do you spell …?
When you head to West Springfield, Massachusetts, for Equine Affaire this year consider the other famous name the city is known for—the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Read on to learn more about this iconic...
10 keys to equine gut health
The keys to a horse’s gastrointestinal (gut) health begin with not only what he is fed, but how and when he is fed.