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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 26: 2022 podcast wrap-up
Kim Brown, group publisher of the Equine Health Network and host of EQUUS “Farm Calls,” walks...
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 25: Equine muscle disorders
In this episode of EQUUS Farm Calls, we are talking to Dr. Erica McKenzie about equine muscle disorders. Dr....
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 24: West Nile virus in horses
West Nile virus (WNV) is a vector-borne virus that can cause fever and neurologic disease in horses,...
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 23: EPM in horses
Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) in horses is caused by single-celled protozoan parasites. This...
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EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 22: Equine eye issues
Most horse owners have faced equine eye issues if they have owned horses for any amount of time. In episode...
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What Do Horse Owners Care About Most?
Morris Animal Foundation funds research into the topics that are of most concern to horse owners. Here's...
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New treatment for tough joint infections
Recent Morris Animal Foundation-funded research revealed a promising new treatment for equine joint infections.
Hippotherapy Can Help Children with Cerebral Palsy
Hippotherapy offers a lasting, positive impact on children with cerebral palsy.
Therapeutic Riding Reduces Stress Levels in Young Adults with Autism
We horse folk understand the joy and peace of working around our equine partners. Therapeutic riding...
Therapeutic Riding Can Help Combat Veterans with PTSD
Study finds that therapeutic riding significantly decreases PTSD symptoms in veterans.