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Beyond insulin resistance

Research findings about the relationship between insulin and laminitis may have implications for the diagnosis and management of at-risk horses.


A field guide to hoof cracks

When a defect appears in the wall of a horse’s hoof, it’s important to be able to distinguish a cosmetic flaw from a serious problem.


On the frontlines against EPM

Progress has been made in the detection and treatment of this potentially debilitating neurological disease, but much remains to be done. Here’s where we stand.

Determining the cause of a cough in horses can be difficult, but it's critical to developing a treatment plan.

When to worry about coughing in horses

Sometimes coughing in horses is harmless, but it may be the first sign of serious trouble. Here’s how to tell the difference.


Threats in the water

Summer is the peak season for a number of diseases caused by organisms that thrive in ponds, streams and marshes. Here’s how you can protect your horse.

A woman raking a dirt aisle in a barn.

The latest in barn lights

If you’re squinting at your horses under old incandescent bulbs and flickering fluorescents, it might be time to upgrade. Today’s energy-efficient lighting choices may cost more up front, but you can net huge savings over time.

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The Fundamentals of Farriery Manners

It’s never too late to teach your horse to be more at ease with having his hooves handled.


The challenge of cellulitis

Prompt, aggressive treatment is needed to stop this sudden, painful skin infection—and to prevent it from becoming a chronic condition.