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Four myths about strangles debunked
Debunk the four biggest myths about the highly contagious disease strangles.
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6 things you may not have known about Man o' War
On March 29, 1917, a chestnut Thoroughbred colt was born, sired by Fair Play out of a mare named Mahubah. Bred by August Belmont II and purchased as a yearling by Samuel D. Riddle, Man o’ War would become...
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Flights of fancy
My 16-year-old son, Simon, and I took a trip recently to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Flight has fascinated Simon since he was young, but somehow we’d never been to the Outer Banks to see the monument to...
Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned
Hurricane Katrina created a disaster area that encompassed 90,000 square miles across five states. Rescuers worked for months to round up horses and other animals left behind in the evacuation. Hurricane...
Groom carrying grooming box with supplies while leading horse at horse show
7 Habits of highly effective horse groomers
In many cases, what makes the difference in horse grooming results is not talent but technique. Observe several skillful groomers at work and you are likely to notice similarities in how they approach...
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Which wheelbarrow is right for your barn?
Farms couldn't function without wheelbarrows or carts. Here's how to match the options they offer with the chores you need to get done.
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How to Select the Perfect Horse Shampoo
In a lather over choosing the perfect horse shampoo? Knowing something about a bottle's contents will help you select the right product.