EQUUS Pop Quiz: Toxic Groceries

Do you know what fruits and veggies to keep from your horses? Take this Pop Quiz to find out. READ MORE

Horse Hay Storage Tips

Filling your loft or storage shed with good quality hay when it's plentiful (and least expensive) is like putting money in the bank. Here's how to make sure your hay hoard stays safe from spoilage. From EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

How Much Salt Do Horses Need?

How much salt does the average horse need per day? Here's what Harold Hintz, EQUUS magazine's nutritional expert, recommends. READ MORE

Don't Poison Your Horse with Cattle Feed

Giving a horse cattle feed is more than a simple mix-up. It can be deadly. READ MORE

Does Your Horse Soak His Supper?

When horses soak their hay or grain, there might be an underlying medical reason. Find out why. READ MORE

EQUUS Pop Quiz - Toxic Plants

Have you landscaped your horse property with toxic foliage? READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Automatic Horse Waterers

Before you get rid of your buckets, consider the pros and cons of automatic horse waterers. READ MORE

Should You Feed Beet Pulp?

Beet pulp, the material left behind when table sugar is extracted from sugar beets, is a safe horse feed if fed appropriately. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

What's in Your Hay?

You can tell a lot about hay just by looking at it, feeling it and smelling it. Here's what to look for: READ MORE

Feeding Horses Fats and Oils

Rhonda Hoffman, PhD, answers an EQUUS reader's questions about adding oil to horses' diets. READ MORE

Should You Feed Bran Mash?

Though your horse may relish a nice, warm bran mash from time to time, too much of it can do more harm than good. READ MORE

Should You Feed Alfalfa to Horses?

Alfalfa is to horses like steak is to people; in moderate amounts it's tasty and nutritious, but it can cause problems if it becomes the majority of the diet. READ MORE

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