Coping with Arthritis in Horses

by Joanne Meszoly With modern medical treatments and management options, your arthritic horse can remain active longer and enjoy a better quality of life. By Joanne Meszoly for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Higher Bute Doses: No Benefit But Higher Risks

by Christine Barakat A study of bute finds no benefits in higher doses, but higher risks. READ MORE

Promising New Navicular Therapy

by Christine Barakat Study shows a French drug can reduce lameness in some horses. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

How to Identify Pastern Problems

by Emily Kilby Lumps below the fetlock on your horse's pastern can mean trouble. Here's how to identify irregularities on the horse's pastern and learn which are serious problems and which are merely blemishes. READ MORE

Technology Studied for Horse Soring Protection

by Joanne Meszoly Gas chromatography, a new horse soring detection method, is tested. READ MORE

Why hyaluronan is essential to healthy joints

by Laurie Bonner Hyaluronan is a key ingredient in synovial fluid as well as in supplements intended to protect horse joints from wear and tear. READ MORE

Lameness and Recovery

by Karen Kopp Du Teil Here are some critical considerations that may affect your horse's rate of recovery after a lameness. READ MORE

Built for Ringbone or Sidebone?

Conformational shortcomings may put the lower leg at risk for ringbone and sidebone. READ MORE

The physiology of rolling and rising

Horses love a good roll in the dirt or mud. Here's why some have a tougher time getting to their feet again. READ MORE

Living Without Lameness in Horses

It's been said, that with four legs, a horse has 400 ways to go lame. While that might be an exaggeration, it's not far from the truth. Here are four ways to prevent those 400 from happening in the first place. From the EQUUS Reference Guide Understanding Equine Behavior. READ MORE

Treat thrush in 4 easy steps

Curing your horse of this smelly fungal infection doesn't take long when you use this simple treatment technique and make a few management changes. READ MORE

EQUUS Pop Quiz -- Horse Tendons

How knowledgeable are you on horse tendons - the critical connectors between muscle and bone? Take this quick test to find out. READ MORE

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