Injuries and First Aid

Is Your Horse's Wound Infected?

As your horse heals from any type of wound, watch closely for these five signs of infection. READ MORE

Post-Colic Care for Horses

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine The care you provide your horse after colic can be crucial to his recovery. Here are 5 things you can do to get your horse back on his feet following a bout of equine colic. READ MORE

Horse Wounds: To Bandage or Not to Bandage?

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Not all injuries require bandaging and some may actually fare better left uncovered Consider these variables before dressing an injury. READ MORE

The Source of a Horse's Bumpy Skin

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine An equine veterinarian discusses the possible causes of mysterious skin bumps developing on a reader's mare. READ MORE

Watch out for 8 common equine skin diseases

by Dee McVicker Here's what you need to know about those skin lumps, bumps and bald patches on your horse that you can probably handle on your own. READ MORE

Protect Your Horse from Ice-Related Injuries

Manage ice around your barn and pastures to prevent slips, falls or serious injury. READ MORE

Fight Respiratory and Skin Problems this Winter

Sound equine management will keep your horse free from respiratory difficulties and irritating skin conditions this winter. READ MORE

Hurricane Irene: Equine Emergency Evacuation Kit

by Christine Barakat With Hurricane Irene rapidly approaching the East Coast of the United States, horse owners must be prepared to evacuate their horses in the event of an emergency. To help horse owners prepare for upcoming READ MORE

Survivors' Stories: Jasper

by Allison J. Stewart BVSc When Patricia Frederick arrives home from work each day she is usually greeted by her 15-year-old mule Jasper, who waits impatiently outside the barn for his evening meal. So when Jasper was no where READ MORE

What Not to Do if a Snake Bites Your Horse

by Christine Barakat Find out what NOT to do if a snake bites your horse. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

How to Treat Scratches

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Relieve scratches, a horse skin problem, with gentle cleansing, thorough drying and lots of greasy ointment. READ MORE

First Aid for Horse Wounds

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Your horse has an open wound. If you stay calm and follow a first-aid plan you can get him the help he needs. Here's how. READ MORE

Preventing Heat Stress in Horses

by Heather Smith Thomas On summer days, it can be difficult to distinguish normal fatigue and sweatiness from dangerous heat stress in horses. Here's what to look for and how to safeguard your horse's well-being. READ MORE

The Science of Wound Ointments for Horses

by Christine Barakat A topical wound preparation can have a big impact--positive or negative--on the healing process. Here are tips from a wound-care expert for selecting the right product for your horse's injury. READ MORE

Straight Talk About Colic

by Joanne Meszoly Here's how to reduce your horse's risk of developing serious digestive upset and increase his chances of recovery if he does. READ MORE

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