Behavioral Problems

When your Horse Whinnies Too Much

Try these tips to silence an overly "talkative" horse whose whinnies are a distraction READ MORE

Treatments for Headshaking Horses

A veterinary expert explains the physiologic cause behind headshaking in horses and possible remedies that may provide relief. READ MORE

Quirky or Distressed? Why Horses Flap their Lips

When your horse begins flapping his lips can provide clues to why he's doing it. READ MORE

Managing Separation Anxiety in Horses

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine When a pair of equine buddies become agitated when separated, it may be time for you to orchestrate a safe and sympathetic breakup, allowing each to gain their independence again. READ MORE

How to help your horse to make friends

You can't choose your horse's friends for him, but you can manage your herd in a way that encourages him to find a compatible buddy. READ MORE

Help Your Horse Sleep Better

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine It's a widely held misconception that horses aren't affected by sleep deprivation. In reality, there can be serious consequences if a horse misses out on sleep for several days. READ MORE

Myths About Cribbing in Horses

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine University of Liverpool research focuses on how firsthand experience with horses who crib affects horse owners' understanding of cribbers. READ MORE

Tips for Splitting Up Inseparable Horse Buddies

by Jennifer Williams, PhD When best friends fall apart at the slightest separation, it's time to retrain the equine soul mates for independent living. READ MORE

Why Horses Kick

by Jennifer Williams, PhD Here's what your horse's kicking means and what you can do to deal with this potentially dangerous behavior. READ MORE

Good Reasons for Bad Behavior

by Linda Tellington-Jones The TTouch originator offers insight for getting to the root of the problem when a horse's performance or attitude isn't up to par. READ MORE

Marbles May Help Minimize Marish Behavior

by Christine Barakat Researchers discover an unusual method for minimizing marish behavior. READ MORE

Introducing a New Horse to the Herd

by Allison Rogers Here's how to reduce the risks of introducing new horses into established herds. READ MORE

Does Your Horse Trash Your Trailer?

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine An EQUUS expert discusses why a horse might paw and scratch the side of a trailer. READ MORE

While You Were Sleeping

by Joanne Schreiber You're in a motel, dreaming of blue ribbons, but do you have any idea of what's going on with your horse at the show grounds? READ MORE

EQUUS Consultants: What to do about a Rolling Horse

This reader's horse stops, drops and rolls whenever she tries working with him. Her vet says nothing is wrong. Read what to do about this dangerous situation. From EQUUS. READ MORE

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