Wound Care

Woman in white coat bandaging horse's leg
 Medicinal honey for horses
How it heals, what kinds to try and more
American Paint
Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
amnion dressings can be useful in supporting wound healing in horses, particularly for injuries on the lower leg and other vulnerable areas.
Veterinarian with horse
Proactive Preparedness: Common Horse Emergencies
You love your horse more than anything and want to do what’s right to help them live a healthy, happy life. But horses are accident-prone, and not even bubble wrap can prevent all emergencies. Recognizing...
A chestnut horse hanging his head out of a stall door.
Bubble Wrap or Bust: Fixing the Equine Who Gets Into Fixes
Sometimes you just wish you’d taken a video, because no one will believe it. Like when your accident-prone colt flips over in the barn aisle while trying to reach a fly—and gets tangled in everything...
first aid kit illustration
5 Things to do if your horse has a laceration
As you wait for the veterinarian to arrive, take the following steps to staunch bleeding and keep your horse calm and comfortable.
The stages of wound healing
If you know the stages of normal wound healing you'll be better able to recognize when your horse's injury needs veterinary intervention. Here are the basics.
Silver Honey Spray Gel Application
Bubble-Wrap or Cotton Wool? When That ‘Special’ Horse Gets Hurt—Again
How to fix the equine that’s always getting into fixes? Here are some suggestions. There’s one in every barn: the equine that’s always getting into the most astonishing predicaments, despite all your precautions—and...
Close up of a horse's hind limb with a wound on it
Beware biofilm formation on horse wounds
Groups of microorganisms that stick to each other to form colonies in a slimy layer covering living or non-living surfaces, biofilms can slow or halt healing.