Winter Weather

Farm with horse trailer in snow storm
3 tips for winter trailering
Travels with your horse don’t necessarily end when winter arrives. Whether you’re headed to a clinic, show or trail head, there are plenty of reasons you may want to trailer your horse during colder months....
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Winter Blankets: You've got questions, we've got answers
Winter is here and it's time to blanket those horses. When to blanket, what weight of blanket, etc. You have questions and we have answers!
Cover of EQ Extra Vol 57: Winter Care--how cold weather affects equine health; winter feeding; tips for protecting soundness
30 Cold-Weather Horse Care Hacks
Let’s face it: Winter horse care can be daunting. After all, who enjoys breaking ice in buckets and grooming a muddy coat in frigid weather? We’ve got 30 tips for lightening your load, from creative ways...
Ep 27
4 ways to get your older horse ready for winter
Do these commonsense measures now to help keep your horse happy, healthy and sound no matter throughout the cold weather months.
3 winter hoof care tips
Here's how the season ahead can affect your horse's hooves and ways you can keep them healthy and sound.
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5 tips for better blanketing
Your horse will appreciate your following this advice when selecting and using his blankets this winter
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Turnout Technology
Five important features to consider when shopping for weatherproof equine outerwear. Cold weather is upon us and your first instinct might be to bundle your horse up like a child—in so many layers that...
Help your horse grow a thick winter coat
An expert explains how horses grow a winter coat and what you can do to support that process.
Simple ways to prevent winter colic
Minimize your horse's chance of colic during winter's coldest months.