Winter Care

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3 tips for winter trailering
Travels with your horse don’t necessarily end when winter arrives. Whether you’re headed to a clinic,...
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5 ways to prevent winter weight loss
Winter’s on its way … brrrr! While you’re busy stockpiling hay and getting out the blankets, don’t forget...
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Winter Blankets: You've got questions, we've got answers
It’s wintertime again, so put on your coats and let’s pretend that we’re all not dreading the freezing...
Cover of EQ Extra Vol 57: Winter Care--how cold weather affects equine health; winter feeding; tips for protecting soundness
30 Cold-Weather Horse Care Hacks
Let’s face it: Winter horse care can be daunting. After all, who enjoys breaking ice in buckets and grooming...
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Are you "blanket strap savvy"?
Used correctly, straps can ensure your horse's blanket keeps him warm and comfortable.
3 ways to prevent winter weight loss
Here are three simple things to do to help your horse maintain his condition even during the coldest...
Winter care for horses with heaves
The cold season can be especially hard on horses with heaves but there are things you can do to keep...
Tips for preventing winter weight loss
Older horses often drop weight during the winter but they don't have to. Here's how to head off problems.
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Our Top Winter Grooming Tips
Does your horse resemble a yeti in winter? (Ours, too!) Keeping all that hair clean can be quite a challenge...
Shopping for waterless grooming products
When time constraints or nasty weather keep you from giving your horse a bath, these products can help...
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4 easy ways to ice-proof your horse's hooves
The rock-hard accumulations of ice and snow that can get packed into a horse’s feet can cause lameness...