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Soundness strategies that work
Joints, muscles and hooves: They all take a pounding, whether your horse is circling barrels, jumping...
Group of horses grazing in a meadow
Living conditions impact equine learning, performance
According to a news release in Science Daily, a new study shows that horses living in big enclosures...
Equine joint health begins with you!
Whether it’s a knee, hock, stifle, fetlock or hip, sore joints are all too common in the horses we love,...
Get ready for spring!
The days are getting warmer, and the trails or show ring beckon. Are you and your horse ready for this...
FEI continues Ukraine equestrian relief
February 24, 2023, marked one year since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces...
4 common horse training challenges
Properly navigating challenges that arise when working with your horse can produce growth in your relationship....
K. Nicolet and Ridge add an obstacle to their ride
How play helps horses learn
Learning with your horse is a never- ending journey— except when it’s not. At some point, you might...
Three signs that your horse is bored
Getty Images If you’re looking to learn alongside your horse, try developing the ability to recognize...
The eye of a scared horse. Stress, fear, horse. Detail up close
Do’s and Don’ts in dealing with a nervous horse
What seems like nervous behavior in horses is often a sign of fear. Here five things to do—or to avoid—when...
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Why your horse needs 'active rest'
We all worry about burnout during the busy riding and competition season. And, of course, every equine...
Get your horse back into shape
Although your conditioning program will need to be customized based on your horse's specific needs, you...
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New Online Resource Offers Horse Behavior Information
Three scientists recently launched a YouTube Channel that presents videos on a variety of equine behavior...
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The Beauty of Boots
So much rides on your horse’s legs. Why not get serious about protecting them? Without healthy legs,...
7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse promo image
7 things to teach your trail horse
Make the most of your trail outing this season by revisiting a few basic training exercises now.
A woman longing a bay horse
When dominant body language can backfire when working with horses
Taking more submissive body postures when working with horses can be more helpful in certain situations.
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