Get ready for spring!
The days are getting warmer, and the trails or show ring beckon. Are you and your horse ready for this...
Trail riding in the Rocky Mountains
5 things to take on a backcountry trail ride
1. Communication devices. Three types of electronics are useful in the backcountry. The most common...
Burning Wildfire at Sunset-scaled
Wildfire on the mountain
I was hungry and tired, and I wanted to be home. The dusty dirt road seemed to never end, and my windshield...
Farm with horse trailer in snow storm
3 tips for winter trailering
Travels with your horse don’t necessarily end when winter arrives. Whether you’re headed to a clinic,...
A horse looking out of the back of a trailer
Digestion-friendly transport
When preparing to trailer your horse, don’t forget to add “ulcer prevention” to your travel checklist.
Three things to check when your horse is uneasy in the trailer
If your horse is anxious or fractious during transport, spend some time investigating factors that may...
A horse looking out of the back of a trailer
The toll travel takes on horses
A horse isn’t simply standing in a trailer during the trip back to the barn; he’s making constant adjustments...
A horse trailer doing down a highway in a desert setting
10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse
A few simple measures can help you head off trouble and give you peace of mind.
When To Worry About Coughs
Sometimes coughing in horses is harmless, but it may be the first sign of serious trouble. Here’s how...
A horse trailer doing down a highway in a desert setting
The savvy way to stock your trailer
Pack along a few vital items just in case you trip doesn't go as planned.
A horse looking out of the back of a trailer
Why you shouldn't feed grain in the trailer
A "to-go" meal could put your horse at risk of choke, ulcers or colic.
When to blanket in the trailer promo image
When to blanket in the trailer
Consider several factors when deciding whether your horse needs a blanket during transport.
Shopping for a Towing Vehicle
Consider these 7 features when shopping for a vehicle that can safely and comfortably haul your horses.
A mare and foal standing in a field
Two for the Road: Shipping a Mare and Foal Together
With some planning and patience, you can make your youngster's first trailer ride an unremarkable, and...
Quick horse trailer clean up
A few minutes spent caring for your horse trailer after a road trip can save you time and money later...
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