Tack and Apparel

'Barn Stories' Ep. 63: Hard bargain
We’ve featured many essays on “Barn Stories” about saying goodbye to a beloved horse, but...
11 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Equestrians
Show your mom how much you care with a Mother’s Day gift that honors her love of horses and all...
A grey horse standing outside during fall weather
A Cushion of Comfort: Western Saddle Pads
Owning and riding horses means devoting your all to keeping your horse comfortable and feeling ready...
Reasons for "girthiness" investigated
Ill-fitting tack is often blamed for girthiness but resistant behavior was linked to that cause in only...
A horse wearing a purple blanket
Your horse blanketing questions answered
Wondering about fit, materials, construction or other horse blanket features? Here are some commonsense...
Leather Bit_Partrade  copy
The Benefits of Using a Leather-Covered Bit
Communicate more easily with comfortable pressure.
Warm Choices for Winter Apparel promo image
Choose the right apparel for winter riding
In freezing-cold weather, you'll need to bundle up when you go out to the barn. Here are some things...
appy with tack
A surprising clue to saddle fit
Sweat patterns can indicate poor saddle fit long before rubs or soreness occurs.
A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles promo image
A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles
Whether you prefer English, Western, Australian or endurance styles, you’ll find an array of saddles...
5 tack room organization tips
Try these tricks to take control of a messy tack room.
Winter apparel options for riders
In freezing temperatures, you'll need to bundle up when you go out to the barn. Here are some things...
A pile of bridles and bits
Gearing Up for a Tack Sale
Tack sales are great for clearing clutter and making a few bucks. Here are some tips for a successful...
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Smart Storage for Blankets
Store blankets properly so they"ll be in good shape the next time you need them.
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