Stable Management

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Equine coronavirus risk factors identified
A large outbreak of equine coronavirus (ECoV) on a North Carolina horse farm provided valuable information...
Sample image from Barncat Horse Care App
Horse care app to offer 'augmented reality' feature
Natalie Martin, a founding partner of the company behind the Barncat horse care app, recently announced...
A group of riders headed into the woods.
ELCR showcases trail, management webinars
Trail riders, horse keepers and farm managers, take note: In its spring, 2023 newsletter “The Resource,”...
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Keep your barn and property secure
You’ve got to think like a (horse) thief to thwart one! In this edition of the EQUUS Extra, learn how...
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Caring for your barn dog: beyond the basics
Life with horses often includes a beloved “barn dog” or two. However, days spent around the barn present...
NJ law would allow farm workers to live in same building as horses
New Jersey Assembly Committee approves bill to allow equine farm workers to live in facilities with horses...
Study makes case for straw bedding for horses
To improve your horse’s digestive and mental health, consider bedding his stall with straw.
Dietary protein can affect air quality in horse stalls
Research data has shown that higher protein diets lead to significant increases in the nitrogen levels...
Falling in love with New Mexico
My husband, Kenny Weber, and I have long dreamed of moving our herd of horses to higher elevations with...