Skin Problems

Muddy pastern with scratches infection
Scratches: Keep this condition from turning chronic
Pasterns often become crusty and scabby when 'mud season' turns paddocks into soupy messes. But left untreated, a simple case of scratches can escalate into a painful, chronic condition.
Rainrto on horse's neck
Rainrot: Take control
With a few simple steps at the first signs of trouble you can keep this generally minor skin infection from growing out of control.
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Fly control tips and tricks
Try our proven fly control tips so you and your horse can make the most of summer while saving time and money PLUS: Banishing sweet itch
Close up of  horses  at stable
Is melanoma inevitable for gray horses? 
Although melanomas are common in gray horses, the prognosis is usually positive with careful monitoring and prompt treatment.
Hives or allergic wheels on a horses neck
What do when your horse has hives
If your horse develops this allergic reaction, keep him comfortable, watch his breathing and gather clues that might help pinpoint the cause.
Horse with Facial Sarcoid Tumor
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' episode 11: Skin problems
Dr. Ann Rashmir discusses what can go wrong and why.
Bubble Wrap or Bust: Fixing the Equine Who Gets Into Fixes
Sometimes you just wish you’d taken a video, because no one will believe it. Like when your accident-prone colt flips over in the barn aisle while trying to reach a fly—and gets tangled in everything...
Rear view of a white pastern with scabs on it
What *not* to do for scratches
For your horse’s sake, resist the urge to try scratches remedies you haven’t heard of before. Many unconventional preparations don't work; others may do more harm than good.
New viral source of equine warts discovered
A New Zealand researcher recently identified a new type of equine papillomavirus.