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What horses can benefit from low starch, low sugar feeds?
Having shared the 101 of low starch, low sugar feeds, Jeanne van der Veen, equine nutritionist for Sentinel Horse Feeds and Kristyn Sturken, equine product manager for Sentinel Horse Feeds, are sharing...
Low Starch and Low Sugar Horse Feed 101
The What, Who, Why and When of feeding Lower Starch, Lower Sugar, Lower Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) feed to your horse.
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Sentinel Ask a Pro: Jeanne
Learn more about extruded feeds and how the horse's digestive process works from Sentinel Equine Nutritionist, Jeanne van der Veen!
Sentinel Ask a Pro: Kristyn
Kristyn Sturken, Equine Product Manager of the Sentinel Nutrition Team answers the important questions asked when planning your horses feeding program, what extruded feed is, and the nutritional supplements...
Sentinel® Ask A Pro: Randy
Randy Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition and member of the Sentinel Nutrition Team answers several high demand questions when it comes to equine nutrition and feeding programs.