Shopping for a riding helmet? Check out these new safety ratings
Shopping for a riding helmet can be unexpectedly overwhelming. Sure, it’s a simple enough piece of equipment....
KHP's Mustang Troop returns with new partner
The popular Kentucky Horse Park Mustang Troop program returns this summer with a new partner, according...
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Why your horse needs 'active rest'
We all worry about burnout during the busy riding and competition season. And, of course, every equine...
A woman riding a horse down the side of a highway
Lost and found in America
A pamphlet I read in a truck stop described this part of New Mexico as “where the Great Plains meets...
A horseless vacation: The real getaway?
I like horses and I enjoy riding. But riding horses while on vacation holds zero appeal to me. The question...
A dressage horse trotting down the center line of an arena.
Straighten up and ride right
A physical therapist explains why crookedness in the saddle is a natural result of human physiology and...
Dollar Store Finds: For the road/show prep
Dollar store items can help reduce the cost of showing and show-prep. It may take a little digging...
Saddles for the Hard-to-Fit Horse
Here’s how to choose the right saddle for three equine body types that are especially difficult to fit.
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Behaviors that indicate lameness
Equine lameness can be difficult to detect, but a study from England confirms the reliability of a relatively...
A group of riders headed into the woods.
Create a Trail Riding Survival Kit
Whether you're riding familiar trails or exploring new territory, a trail survival kit can help you handle...
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Coping With Muddy Trails
Here's how to safely ride through sloppy footing.
A group of riders headed into the woods.
3 things to watch on your first spring trail rides
When you first take to the trails this season, be careful to avoid inadvertently overworking or overheating...
A woman walking a blanketed horse.
Tips for cooling down after winter rides
Cooling your horse properly after exercise will help prevent him from catching a chill.
Miles to go
I was up at 6 a.m. on the Saturday before Labor Day, getting ready to drive 30 miles into the hills north...
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