Pest & Fly Control

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Fly control tips and tricks
Buzz, swish, slap—here we go again! If fly season has you in a funk, this edition of the EQUUS Extra...
3 Ways Fly Stomping Affects Your Horse’s Hooves 
Fly season has already started and, if you don’t have a strong fly control program in place, so has your...
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Fly Control
Buzz, swish, STING! It’s fly season—and your hapless horse is the target! But how well do you know your...
Many flies in the eye of the horse
EQUUS 'Farm Calls' Podcast Episode 8: Fly Control on Horse Farms
Equine facilities are a ‘fly paradise.’ Help address that with these tips. deepblue4you/iStock Flies,...
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Are you sick of swatting flies?
Horse owners know that one of the first true signs of spring is the emergence of flies and other winged...
Mosquito- and Fly-Borne Diseases That Can Spread to Horses
You might think of them as just pests, but flies and mosquitoes are also important carriers of disease.
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Help your horse overcome fear of fly spray
Have a horse who reacts violently to the noise or sensation of being sprayed with fly spray? From the...