Parasite Control

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The right approach to parasite control
It’s more important than ever to target and time deworming treatments appropriately and limit your horse’s exposure to internal parasites.
How to read fecal egg count results
Doing regular fecal egg counts will give you data that can help you and your veterinarian design the best deworming program for your horse.
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Parasite control pioneer
Three decades ago, a California veterinarian started offering fecal egg count tests to horse owners. Now the rest of the industry is catching up.
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Beyond deworming: Parasite control in older horses
For decades an array of anthelmintics have kept equine parasites under control. But the increase in resistance issues have made it clear that that effective parasite control requires more targeted administration...
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Tick-borne Diseases and Tick Prevention for Horses
Learn more about tick-borne diseases and tick prevention for horses including three of the most common types of tick-borne diseases that affect horses.
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4 ways to stay on top of parasite control
Fecal egg count-based parasite control, sometimes called surveillance deworming saves money and reduces the risk of parasite resistance.
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Surprising findings about how parasites affect horses
study from the University of Kentucky challenges long-held assumptions about the seasonality of parasite egg shedding among infected horses. The researchers also found that pregnancy, foaling and lactation...
The myth that internal parasites cause weight loss in horses
Controlling internal parasites in horses is as important as ever, but not for the reasons you might think.
How climate change may affect how you deworm your horse
If average global temperatures continue to increase, drug resistance among internal parasites common to horses may accelerate.
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Parasite control made easy
It’s not often that a traditional horse-keeping routine gets completely upended, but that’s exactly what has happened with equine parasite control over the last two decades. After years of faithfully deworming...
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Reducing Mosquito Populations
Mosquitoes can carry a number of harmful diseases. Try these techniques to reduce mosquito populations on your farm or ranch.
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Is My Horse Infested with Bots?
A veterinary parasitologist counsels an owner concerned that her deworming practices aren't controlling Gasterophilus intestinalis.